Englobe Corp.

Our team

Bob Youden

President - Leadership Team

Lynda Beaudin

Chief Financial Officer

Dean Petrovic

VP - Merger and Acquisition, Strategic Initiatives

Mario Cantin

Sr. VP - Strategic Business Development and VP Operations - Environment

Serge Leroux

VP - Human Ressources, Quality, Health & Safety, Communications

Stephen Montminy

Sr. VP - Professional Services and VP Operations - Soils and Materials Eng., Western Canada

Alain Robichaud

Sr. VP - Organics and Soil Treatment Centers, North America

Xavier Dennery

Executive Chair Operations - Soil Treatment Facilities, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Stéphane Lavoie

VP Strategic Pole - Soils and Materials Eng.

Christian Faucher

VP Strategic Pole - Environment

François Santerre

VP Operations - Soils and Materials Eng., Quebec

Frédéric Lefebvre

VP Operations - Quality and Integrity of Assets