Code of Conduct

Laying the foundation of our Ethics, our Code of Conduct establishes the behaviour we should adopt in our workplace, in our business practices and in our relations with third parties. It describes the standards of conduct that all Englobe employees are expected to meet in their work and their relations with others. This Code also contains guidelines that will help you make the right decisions in keeping with Englobe’s values and reputation.

Englobe’s integrity and reputation rest, first and foremost, on the actions of each employee, each manager and each member of the Board of Directors. Complying wit h the Code ensures protecting Englobe’s reputation, the quality of the services it provides and the values it proudly defends. We embrace strong values that foster confidence in our services and support our growth: commitment to the client, integrity, health and safety, respect, innovation and excellence.

Signing on to the Code is a condition for working at Englobe.

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