Innovation & Development

Innovation and development are among Englobe’s fundamental values. By creating a stimulating work environment, we encourage innovation from our employees, both in their work processes and in the solutions they develop for our clients. The projects undertaken by our high-performance teams of individuals carefully selected for their skills allow us to develop solutions that are tailored to every situation and expectation of our clients.

Our innovation and development activities range from literature reviews to marketing, and include laboratory and pilot testing, where necessary. These activities complement our operational projects to meet specific needs of our clients and contribute to the firm’s strategic initiatives in order to develop new markets and improve existing technologies.

Englobe also has a research laboratory and manufacturing workshop where it can reproduce various solutions or proposed improvements in conjunction with our clients on a small or pilot scale to select the best solution for them.

Innovation and development projects cover a number of fields, including contaminated soil, water and air treatment, waste management and treatment, soil and materials engineering, and inspection of buildings, roofing, reservoirs and underground conduits and steel structures.

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