For over 35 years, Englobe has worked on a daily basis to assist farm producers in improving the health of their soil and increase their yield and profitability by providing fertilizers and organic and non-organic amendments that meet the specific needs of their crops, all in compliance with agricultural and environmental standards. We have adopted a partnership model with farm producers that includes leasing of storage tanks, among other things. Englobe is a pioneer in Quebec in demonstrating to industry the benefits of using certain waste products as amendments and fertilizers for soil under crop.

Our dedicated agriculture team provides a range of services to support producers, including agronomic support, application for authorizations, field delivery, materials analysis, calibration of spreading equipment and inspection of ditches. Lastly, Englobe offers the agriculture and agri-food sector a variety of consulting services regarding agriculture policy in Quebec and Canada in order to foster growth.

All information regarding our products and services is available on the following site:, as well as the contact details of our team of advisors.