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Englobe has extensive experience in the area of road, air, rail and marine transportation infrastructure.

Our specialized geotechnical and geohydrology team carries out studies and develops scenarios in order to install long-lasting and environmentally friendly infrastructure in addition to providing design and supervision services for soil consolidation and stabilization work. Further, our engineers and technicians design, manage and perform painstaking inspections of pavement on highways and other major infrastructure, such as airports. Our expert environmental and acoustic assessments in the human environment complement our service offering to give our clients the ability to complete a variety of ambitious projects successfully.

In addition to our recognized expertise and experience, Englobe works all across Quebec and Canada, as well as internationally. We have a wide array of technical tools and high-performance equipment as well as laboratories that allow us to deliver the latest expertise to our clients. Our approach is based on identifying risks upstream and applying technical innovation to enable the design and preservation of sustainable infrastructure, avoiding significant expenditures for our clients.

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