Notice of Appointment – Leanne Spier

April 19, 2021

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Leanne Spier as Vice President, Finance,Professional Services. Leanne will provide leadership and act as a financial and strategic contributor for the Professional Services division. Her primary duties will include working on strategic analyses, improving and harmonizing processes to deliver finance excellence across the division.

A tenacious, highly-experienced financial strategist and tactician, Leanne seamlessly blends finance and management expertise with inspirational leadership to consistently achieve her objectives, while remaining focused on profit, integrity, and respect. She has been widely recognized throughout her career as an open communicator, an adaptive leader who embraces cultural diversity, and a builder of harmonious, collaborative teams.

Welcome to Englobe, Leanne. We wish you much success!

Contact information

1 866 981-0191

1 800 647-8947

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