BEAHR workforce training programs for Indigenous communities

June 11, 2020

BEHAR1BEAHR training programs are designed to help Indigenous communities develop and hone essential skills that meet local requirements for working in the environmental sector.

These courses help community members become job ready while also teaching them how to respond quickly to environmental issues related to the construction and operation of major projects.

What makes the program successful is how it combines traditional and scientific knowledge. Students love the hands-on teaching style, which includes a number of field activities, and how the program blends Indigenous learning methods.

Englobe: The only Quebec company certified by ECO to provide BEAHR trainingBEAHR02

Englobe, through its joint venture with Wabajuu, was tasked in 2017 with bringing BEAHR training to the province of Quebec. Over the past three years, the Englobe team has been adapting the content of three training courses so it was applicable to the realities in Quebec communities. In the fall of 2018, accredited biologists from Englobe facilitated a BEAHR training course in the Cree community of Nemaska in James Bay. The training was well received by the community, and the students, and was highly successful with four program graduates!

BEAHRgroupThe next step will be to translate the training modules from English to French so French-speaking Indigenous communities can participate.

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