Englobe is recognized as key player in ReNew Canada’s 2021 Top100 Projects report on Canada’s biggest infrastructure projects  

February 16, 2021

Englobe earns Platinum Elite status, is recognized as key player in ReNew Canada’s 2021 Top100 Projects report on Canada’s biggest infrastructure projects 

Englobe is proud to announce that it has been awarded Platinum Elite status by ReNew Canada as a key player in 2021 with 38 of the biggest infrastructure projects in Canada! 

This year’s report lists CAN$252.8 billion in infrastructure investments throughout Canada from public and private sources.   

“It is an honour to be recognized again by ReNew Canada for our involvement in Canada’s biggest infrastructure projects,” said Mike Cormier, Co-President.  

Englobe boasts a diversified portfolio in key markets all over Canada with 15 projects in Quebec, 12 in Ontario, 4 in Alberta, 4 in British Columbia, and 1 in Manitoba, Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories, for a total combined value of CAN$108.1 billion.   

“With 38 top-ranked projects in 2021, Englobe is comfortably positioned as a leading player with Platinum Elite status, a rank we have earned for the second year in a row!” added Alain Robichaud, Co-President.  

ReNew Canada, the voice of the Canadian public infrastructure sector, is known for its annual Top100 Projects report ranking the biggest infrastructure projects in Canada by dollar value.   


About Englobe 

Interested in learning more about what a career at Englobe might look like for you? Visit our Careers section online at https://englobecorp.com/canada/en/careers!  

  Englobe Corporation is a Canadian leader in applied sciences, particularly in the fields of environment, geosciences and materials engineering. The company operates in 64 Canadian locations as well as five locations in the UK and France, boasting a team of 2,400 engineers, professionals, technicians and technical support staff.  

  Englobe’s services are divided into five main segments: Geosciences and Materials; Environment; Treatment, Management and Recycling; Specialty Services (quality manufacturing, building science, tank testing); and Engineering (civil/municipal, mechanical, electrical, structural, blast/demolition). For more than 59 years, the company has conducted investigations, inspections, testing, analyses, assessments, supervision and monitoring for its clients.  

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