Englobe marks National Indigenous Peoples Day by sharing a story of courage and perseverance

June 21, 2021

Alex O’Bomsawin-Descôteaux, Agronomist and Technical Advisor, Organic Waste Management at Englobe, is a member of the Abenaki First Nation and grew up on the Odanak reserve in Central Quebec. On this National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, he shares a personal story that sheds light on Indigenous culture to help us better understand it.

“I am pleased to present one of our community’s treasures: a National Film Board of Canada short film produced by Alanis O’Bomsawin, entitled Gene Boy Came Home. The person interviewed in the film was the bus driver at my elementary school. He was strict because he cared about our safety, and through this short film we can understand how important we were, in his eyes.”

A powerful story about an indigenous man’s journey across international borders to fight under the American flag in a controversial war – Vietnam. His story is a testament to the physical and emotional wounds that soldiers endured, especially those who, like him, came from diverse backgrounds.

“It’s not a story that is often highlighted in the media or in history books, but it’s a story that all Canadians should care about and that the world should know,” explained Alex, “They sacrificed a lot for us and our future, and they should be recognized for that.”

Englobe is proud to support First Nations communities and foster collaborative relationships through its work in various First Nations territories across the country. Today, and throughout the year, Englobe celebrates the history of Indigenous Peoples and encourages employees like Alex to come forward and share their stories to raise awareness of the past and present realities of Indigenous People.

Kchi wliwni (Thank you)

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