France Sigouin interviewed by CREW M

March 6, 2020

photos i pad 064 to post with borderFrance Sigouin is the director of our Building Science Department. She is an outstanding leader who supervises a team of fifty employees in Ontario and Quebec. She started her career at Englobe in 2007 as a project manager before moving on to serve as a team leader. France was also a blogger for Construco (on behalf of Crew M) for a few years. In fact, she recently gave an interview to CREW M, a group dedicated to promoting and supporting women in commercial real estate.

During the interview, France talked about her studies, first in architecture and then in engineering, at a time not so long ago when women rarely chose to become engineers. She stressed how women still have to prove their worth—even after gaining the recognition of their employers and their peers—while explaining that they have carved out a good space for themselves in construction, thanks in part to their flexibility and ability to structure work.

France also talked about the pride she feels for her team at Englobe: “I’ve got a dream team that I’m really proud of. It’s multidisciplinary and can tackle just about any challenge.”

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