New partnership with Innu company Maikan Environmental Corporation

August 5, 2020

Englobe is pleased to announce our new joint venture partnership with Maikan Environmental Corporation, a proud Innu-owned and Innu-operated business based in Sheshatshiu, Labrador. This partnership has been a long time in the making and we are extremely excited about the opportunities it will open up for the local Innu community, and us.

This partnership was initiated from a collaborative effort with Florence Milley, the founder of Maikan Environmental Corporation, a local Innu leader and an incredible businesswoman, and Guy Bellefleur, member of the Innu nation based in Quebec and one of Florence’s trusted associates.

Ms. Milley wears many hats and on top of her day-to-day business responsibilities is also very active with the Innu Nation organization that supports social and economic initiatives in the community. As part of this mandate, she works to ensure that projects developed on Innu territory align with Indigenous values and meet the anticipated local employment targets. Mr. Bellefleur has been an important player in the negotiation of agreements with local developers in Labrador and was instrumental in helping Englobe and Milley set terms that were mutually beneficial for all parties.

Working with Englobe’s team, the group agreed that combining resources and expertise would help drive growth for the Innu communities in Labrador. It would also create employment, professional development and other learning opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible. Through this strategic partnership we will be delivering our services on Innu territory and fostering development within local Innu Labrador communities.



We have been working with Indigenous partners for many years and have established meaningful relationships with communities across the country including the Far North. Through strategic partnerships and joint venture agreements, we have helped to create jobs, provide on-the-job training opportunities and build capacity that benefits the community and the region.



Being an inclusive workplace is a business imperative for Englobe and we are working to make positive changes. To us, it means:

  • Putting processes in place that help us hire, train and retain Indigenous employees
  • Developing meaningful business relationships with a growing number of Indigenous-owned suppliers
  • Supporting initiatives that promote Indigenous community health and wellness
  • Establishing the Indigenous Relations Policy
  • Being a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)
  • Proudly supporting local grassroots initiatives

We are very excited for our new partnership with Maikan Environmental Corporation and the future opportunities it will bring for us all. As a team, we will continue to foster trust and build friendships with the Labrador Innu community.

Should you require any additional information on the partnership, we encourage you to please contact Englobe’s Guillaume Robert, Service Director, Environmental Engineering, or Hugues Lapierre, Projects and Business Development Manager.

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