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November 26, 2020

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started” -Mark Twain

Providing engaging learning experiences for student interns has been a long-time priority for Englobe, and through this feature we are proud to shine a spotlight on a few of the talented student interns working as part of our team.

Meet Benjamin

Benjamin is a Civil Engineering student at Dalhousie University. After graduation he plans to pursue a career in engineering in either the Canadian Forces or the civilian construction industry due to their unique, exciting and diverse working environments.

Q: Could you give any advice to future students who might be in the same role as you?

A: “My advice to future students is simple: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Gaining work experience within the industry and beginning to learn how and why projects are done in a certain way was one of my primary attractions to Englobe and the co-op program. Not only that, but knowledge comes with confidence on-site and being aware of certain things will help you make you and your worksite safer.”

Q: What was the best summer project you got to work on? What skills did you learn?

A: “Of the diverse range of projects that Englobe has tasked me with, I think participating in the restoration/maintenance of the concrete section of NS Highway 101 has remained one of my most memorable projects. I find it rewarding to work on large projects that impact so many Nova Scotians on a daily basis. As well, being the first time this concrete highway had undergone any serious form of maintenance in the nearly 10 years since construction, I counted myself extremely lucky to work for Englobe so extensively on this project. It is something that I think about every time I drive on this section of Highway.”

Meet Robert

Robert Cristello, Materials Engineering Field Technician, Englobe Corp. Kitchener, Ontario

Robert a University of Waterloo student working towards his degree in Geological Engineering. During his co-op terms he is gaining experience in different industries to find what he wants to pursue in the future. After graduation, he plans to travel and explore Canada to find work in a company where he can make an impact in the civil/geological/geotechnical engineering industries.

Q: What was the best summer project you got to work on? What skills did you learn?

A: “My favourite summer project I was able to work on was helping research, test and recommend a proposed mix design for an open graded drainage layer (OGDL) along the Highway 401. We batched and tested multiple mix designs to create a report providing the most appropriate mix. From this project I was able to learn the process of preparing concrete mix designs, testing procedures for pervious concrete, and problem solving. New testing procedures had to be created in order to compare results to ensure accuracy of the current and proposed OGDL mixes. I also enjoyed the various road construction projects where I got to see and test materials from pipe bedding to the asphalt and concrete surfaces we walk/drive on. I was able to learn the process of road reconstruction, the planning that goes into it, the events that have to be considered during the design processes and the necessary testing that must be done to ensure the work is being followed to design specifications.”

Q: What are some things you’ve learned or developed in this position that you think you’ll be able to use in the future?

A: “A few things I learned/developed in this position that I can use in the future are time management skills and the ability to problem solve. While being a field technician, I had to manage multiple sites in a day and try to complete all testing while working around site delays and changing schedules. Doing so allowed me to further develop my time management skills that I can use in the future. I was also able to develop a strong problem-solving ability when being a part of additional projects that required new test methods and discussing with my boss about problems with materials on site. I was able to learn how to correct problems regarding building materials and make recommendations to avoid these. Studying a geotechnical related field, I believe everything I was taught here will be applicable to future coop jobs, help me in understanding future courses and even help me in pursuing a job after graduation.”



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