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November 19, 2020

The expert at anything was once a beginner – Helen Hayes

Each year, Englobe welcomes student interns from various college and university settings to join our team, support our projects, and learn from some of the very best engineers and scientists in their field. We recognize that student interns, whether joining us for the summer or working part-time throughout the year, play a significant role in our organization. Bringing both fresh ideas and novel insight, interns help fuel innovation and employee engagement at our organization, while also providing valuable junior project support.

Why are student internships important?

  • Develop job ready skills. Internships create the opportunity to apply knowledge from the classroom to real-world experiences. As part of our team, students work on active projects and learn important skills that prepare them for the job market when they graduate.
  • Explore career paths. Internships allow students to learn about different career path options. Experiencing the work, asking questions, and engaging with professionals in different departments allow interns to make an informed decision for their short- and long-term career goals.
  • Mentorship and professional development. Student interns learn new skills by doing, but also by purposefully observing others in their job role. Creating opportunities to work directly with intermediate and senior members of our team allow interns to receive feedback and mentorship from someone who works in their desired field on a regular basis.

Providing engaging learning experiences for student interns has been a long-time priority for Englobe, and through this feature we are proud to shine a spotlight on a few of the talented student interns working as part of our team.


Meet Jordan

Jordan Mamos, Environmental Technician, DST Consulting Engineers a Division of Englobe. Thunder Bay, Ontario

Jordan is a Lakehead University student working towards his Honours Bachelor of Science with a major in Geology. Before starting his studies at Lakehead, he completed a one-year mining techniques certificate and a two-year environment technician program through Confederation College’s School of Engineering Technology and Trades. After graduation Jordan plans to focus on gaining work experience to become a licensed professional geologist and on developing his professional expertise in the fields of hydrogeology, hydrology and petrology.


Q: What was your favourite part of working with Englobe this summer?

A: “Working with Englobe this year has been different than my last two summers. This summer has been a little chaotic due to Covid-19, but overall, it has been very positive. My favorite part of summer must be doing surface water sampling on various lakes via a canoe and vibration monitoring at blasting sites for MTO road work. ”

Q: Could you give any advice to future students who might be in the same role as you?

A: “The best advice I could give a future summer student is to try to not say no and to put themselves out of their comfort zone when accepting jobs. What I mean by this is that some of the best jobs to work on will be out of town, for example, an isolated community that has limited services, such as internet access and telephone access. These projects typically will give the on-site worker much more responsibility and give them a good chance of learning lots of different skills. ”


Meet Alexann

Alexann Chapelle-Maillé, Metallurgical Inspection Technician, Metallurgy and Corrosion, Englobe Corp. Laval, Québec

Alexann is a student at Cégep de Trois-Rivières in the Authorized Examination Center (AEC) Inspection in Non-Destructive Testing program. After graduation she plans to gain experience and opportunities, as well as find a job in her field.

Q: What are some things you’ve learned or developed in this position that you think you’ll be able to use in the future?

A: “I learned a lot more than just what I had seen at school, I was lucky enough to see other kinds of inspections that were more about corrosion than metallurgy and it was very rewarding. I was also able to sharpen my sense of observation during inspections”.

Q: What was your favourite part of working with Englobe this summer?

A: “The projects which are very varied and the team I’ve been able to work with. I felt integrated very quickly.”


About Englobe

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