World Engineering Day for Sustainability Development

March 4, 2021

“Sustainability is about shifting from a mindset of “building because we can” to “building what we should.”  

Donald Martin Jr., Social Impact Technology Strategist, Google​ and Andrew Moore, Head of Google Cloud AI 

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development March 4th  

World Engineering Day (WED2021) highlights engineers and their achievements while improving understanding of how engineering is central to sustainable development. 

Did you know … 

1. Englobe employs 400+ practising engineers licensed to support clients across Canada, the UK and France. Our team includes geotechnical, materials, pavement, environmental, transportation, structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, municipal, corrosion and blast engineering specialists.  

2. Engineers are essential for resilience to climate change and are responsible for designing and developing robust infrastructure to withstand increasingly unprecedented weather-related events: floods, cyclones, bush fires etc.  

3. Engineers support sustainable economic development by helping to design critical infrastructures such as roads, dams, water supply, and sanitation in both developed and developing countries. 

We proudly recognize the crucial role professional engineers play on a global scale in building, innovating, and safeguarding our lives.  

 Doing Our Part 

With the unveiling of our Sustainability Approach in November 2020, Englobe united as one team to elevate our commitment to global health and wellness. Together, we are working to create meaningful outcomes and to build a sustainable future. The health of our communities and planet depends on it. 

Every aspect of our Sustainability Approach focuses on three main pillars. They are: 

Learn more about how we are advancing our sustainability commitment.

About Englobe 

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Englobe Corporation is a Canadian leader in applied sciences, particularly in the fields of the environment, geosciences, and materials engineering. Operating in 64 Canadian locations as well as 5 locations in the UK and France, Englobe’s team of 2,400 resources includes engineers, professionals, technicians, and technical support staff. 

Englobe’s services are divided into 5 main segments: Geosciences and Materials, Environment, Treatment, Management and Recycling, Specialty Services, and Engineering. For more than 59 years, the company has conducted investigations, inspection, testing, analyses, assessments, supervision and monitoring of work for its clients. 

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