Analysis of the quality of water and sediments, and ecotoxocology

Englobe offers ecotoxicology services, from analysing contaminants in the various physical environments (sediments and water) to biological interactions. Thanks to our major measuring equipment asset, continuous or punctual, we can achieve scientifically sound studies. Indeed, Englobe has numerous multiparameter probes, coring bits, gram samplers, etc., and our firm may also deploy self-contained systems, programmed if needed, for real-time data forwarding toward various web sites appropriate for our clients ’needs.

Toxicity tests (bioassays) allow to evaluate the contaminated materials exposure on environmental receptors such as benthic invertebrates, fish, etc. When performing these tests, Englobe’s expertise allows the implementation of an optimal sampling strategy and the collection of various types of materials such as soil, sediments, and groundwater and surface water according to applicable regulation. The statistical treatment of toxicity tests results allows to address environmental issues as we make recommendations that are adapted to each project. During a site remediation leaving contaminated materials on site, toxicity tests may be carried out when evaluating toxicological risks (human health) and ecotoxicological risks (environment) in order to provide an evaluation of the whole food chain. This type of tests may also be carried out to evaluate the toxicity of materials and to establish toxicological reference values specific to a site, and during monitoring of waste water discharge (e.g.: pulp and paper plant).


  • Sampling of water and sediments regardless of the environment, depth and type of substrate
  • Dockings and terrestrial facilities for autonomous monitoring of the water quality
  • Toxicity tests (bioassays)
  • Evaluation of toxicological and ecotoxicological risks
  • Treatment and statistical interpretation of data
  • Determination of toxicological reference value
  • Determination of background noise concentration

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