Aquatic Wildlife and Habitats

Englobe has worked with provincial and federal governments and industry for over 30 years to balance economic development with environmental concerns. The Englobe team is a strategic partner in contributing to the understanding of aquatic ecosystems, particularly on major projects such as the construction or refurbishment of hydroelectric facilities, the construction of port facilities, mine development and linear infrastructure.

Englobe also carries out leading-edge studies in ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry to assess the presence of contaminants in various physical (sediment and water) and biological compartments. Our experts establish relationships between sediment physico-chemistry, interstitial water, benthic community structure and toxic effects on certain bio-indicators. They also have the know-how to model contaminant propagation in aquatic environments.

Our Services

  • Study of potential and constraints associated with installations in aquatic environments
  • Study and characterization of wildlife habitats
  • Study of fish population migrations using telemetric monitoring and other methods
  • Study of spawning, feeding and nursery habits of various commercial and sport fish species and endangered species
  • Study of benthic fauna
  • Characterization of wetland habitats
  • Study of marine mammals
  • Monitoring of mercury and other contaminants in water and fish
  • Physical/chemical water and sediment characterization
  • Radioisotope dating of sediment core samples
  • Monitoring effects of industrial effluents

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