Corrosion Protection

Preserving assets is a challenge for everyone. Englobe offers high-quality services that include the design and installation of anti-corrosion systems, as well as defect analysis within a production cycle. We want to extend the life of your assets significantly, monitor infrastructure condition, ensure asset integrity and plan for a more effective use of resources over time, all of which is reflected in our approach.

Infrastructure maintenance requires rigorous corrosion control. Englobe provides full assessment and prioritization services designed to optimize interventions and achieve rational asset management aimed at ensuring asset integrity.

Our Services

  • Corrosion-related expertise, condition assessment, diagnostics and technical support
  • Installation and rehabilitation of cathodic protection systems
  • Inspection of coatings and buried structures using Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG)
  • Salt-spray and ultra-violet (UV) radiation testing
  • Assessment:
    • Electrochemical behaviour of materials
    • Soil and concrete corrosivity
    • Coating behaviour
    • Electrochemical ageing of materials
  • Soil aggressivity measurements (chloride, pH, resistivity in situ or in the laboratory)
  • Condition assessment of reinforced concrete using potential surveys, geo-radar and core sampling
  • Condition assessment of sewer lines by determining residual wall thickness

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