Geomatics & Thematic Mapping

Our expert geomatics and thematic mapping team has a number of years’ experience in areas related to thematic mapping, computer graphics and geographic information systems (GIS). The team offers a superior ability to integrate multisource spatial reference data.

By bringing together geomatics specialists and graphic artists, Englobe is able to constantly adapt its products to create high-quality documents based on specific requirements at each phase of production of a project (maps, work for schools, scientific illustrations, promotional materials). Over the years, our team has developed extensive expertise in environmental science (biophysics and technical surveys), energy, geology and transportation.

Our team sets itself apart for the skills of its highly qualified staff and its ability to adapt and innovate while meeting the highest quality standards.

Our services

  • Thematic mapping
  • Multimedia publishing
  • Computer graphics and illustration
  • Photographic processing
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Programmable decision-making tool
  • LIDAR and remote detection data
  • Bathymetric charts
  • Technical drawing and plans for compensation development
  • Digital modelling of terrain
  • Visual simulation and synthesis imaging
  • Aerial and satellite photo interpretation
  • Geo-referenced video surveys

Contact information

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