Metals Engineering

Englobe has been providing leading-edge expertise for over 50 years in metals engineering, particularly with respect to consultation, prevention and intervention. Englobe gives its clientele varied practical solutions to help monitor the state and integrity of assets.

Our Services

  • Supervise fabrication of components for highway infrastructure and erection of metal structures
  • CSA W178.2, ONGC 48.9712 levels 1, 2 and 3 and NACE CCI levels 1, 2 or 3 certified technicians and engineers
  • Forensic expertise
  • Consultant services for welding and non destructive testing
  • Analyze mechanical, metallurgical and corrosion failures
  • Expert witness, consultation and technical assistance

Our experienced technicians and engineers are duly accredited and follow current standards. Our team specializes in highway infrastructures, although members cover other sectors as well: industrial, mining, petrochemical and metallurgical complexes; energy generation, transmission and distribution; municipal infrastructures and engineering structures.

Contact information

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1 800 647-8947

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