Multi-Level Parking Complexes

Englobe understands that multi-level parking complexes are important assets for owners of infrastructure, so we provide all the needed expertise to inspect, maintain and manage these assets. In Québec, more than anywhere else, multi-level parking complexes are regularly subject to the effects of freeze/thaw cycles, deicing salts and abrasives. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) stipulates that all regulated infrastructures possessing an underground or aboveground parking lot where at least one surface course does not rest on the ground shall be verified and maintained periodically.

Our services are for owners, co-owners, condominium associations, buildings managers, occupants of buildings with this sort of parking lot and their users.

Our Services

  • Report on cracks (instrumentation)
  • Report on potential for corrosion (state of corrosion of the rebar)
  • Ground-penetrating radar report (detect and localize rebar pattern)
  • Lab tests for concrete characterization (evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of the concrete)
  • Map locations of deterioration and sampling
  • Manage the site and supervise work
  • Monitor work to be done and make recommendations
  • Produce a full report on regulatory requirements

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