Quality of Fabrication

Englobe is a recognized leader in North America for in-plant control of quality of fabrication and on-site supervision, particularly in the energy, transport, mining and metallic treatment sectors.

Englobe guarantees the quality of work, as well as compliance with estimates, project specifications and its clients’ contractual requirements. Our experienced staff carries out strict and efficient technical monitoring of project progress and can pass critical judgment on the entire testing process: functional, installation, certification and component acceptance.

Englobe’s assessment and capability to deliver audits make it easier for clients to select suppliers anywhere on the planet. Englobe’s engineers and technicians attest to compliance with current standards and apply the latest technologies for evaluating the properties of materials and measuring performance. Englobe is certified for all the activities performed by its staff.

Our Services

  • Assurance and control for quality of fabrication: mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, structural elements and treated wood
  • On-site supervision and quality control: energy, transportation infrastructures, commercial, industrial and public utilities
  • Monitor progress of supply, fabrication, implementation
  • Test reports: functional, installation, certification and component acceptance
  • Prepare and evaluate shop, lab and field test procedures
  • Audit management systems: quality, environment, lab, workplace health and safety
  • Analyze and manage processes

Contact information

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