Nanticoke Powerhouse Demolition wins CEO Award

May 7, 2020

We are pleased to share the great news that our colleagues at DST Consulting Engineers, a division of Englobe, have won a Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) Award for the Nanticoke Powerhouse Demolition Project in the Environment Category!

The CEO Awards recognize excellence in consulting engineering. This is the team’s fourth consecutive win.

Congratulations to the entire project team for this prestigious award.



About the Nanticoke Powerhouse Demolition Project

This was the largest and most complex explosive toppling project ever to be handled by a Canadian team and the largest steel building in Canada to be demolished using explosives. The project footprint encompassed four two‑boiler building structures, each 65 metres high, 50 metres wide and 120 metres long, and two selective catalytic reduction (SCR) structures, each 60 metres high, 50 metres long and 32 metres wide.

Combined, the buildings and service corridors were a staggering 549 metres in length—over half a kilometre—and housed eight giant boilers surrounded by heavy steel, conveyors and machinery. The facility had a capacity of 4,000 megawatts, with annual electricity production topping out at 24 billion kilowatt hours, and was once the largest coal‑burning plant in North America.

Interesting Project Facts

    • Total number of columns: 425
    • Total number of columns charged with linear shaped explosive charges: 225
    • Total number of explosive charges: 1,084
    • Total number of priming detonators: 450
    • Total number of surface delay detonators: 130
    • 5,800 metres of detonating cord
    • 900 sticks of dynamite
    • Time it took to reduce the facility to piles of scrap steel to be fully recycled: 27 seconds

This was the second major explosive toppling completed as part of the Nanticoke OPG Decommissioning project. The first was the monumental Nanticoke Stack Demolition: 2 stacks, 650 ft, 10 seconds. Watch the video including amazing HD Drone Footage here!



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