Global Quality Control and Supply Soil to Landscape the City of Québec Amphitheatre Site (Centre Vidéotron)

Initiated in 2012, the $400 M project brought Englobe to perform the materials quality control for all the construction works of the multipurpose building (sportive, cultural and community).


Asbestos Management – Central, Southwest and Eastern Ontario

Englobe provided consulting services for the preparation of tender calls for asbestos surveys for more than 2,000 buildings owned by the province of Ontario.


Rehabilitation of Durban and Padloping Islands – Nunavut

In 2012, Englobe won a bid for the environmental remediation of a former radar station that was part of the Distant Early Warning Line “DEW Line”, and an abandoned weather station located on two neighbouring islands in Nunavut.


Remediation of Contaminated Soil Following the Train Derailment at Lac Mégantic, QC

Following the rail disaster at Lac Mégantic in 2013, Englobe was hired to treat an estimated 300,000 m3 of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil, with concentrations ranging from 3,000 mg/kg to 30,000 mg/kg.


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