Rehabilitation of Durban and Padloping Islands – Nunavut

Customer : Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

In 2012, Englobe won a bid for the environmental remediation of a former radar station that was part of the Distant Early Warning Line “DEW Line”, and an abandoned weather station located on two neighbouring islands in Nunavut. The 63 DEW Line radar stations date back to the cold war and were constructed approximately 300 km north of the arctic circle.

The project included building demolition, excavation of contaminated soil, excavation of buried debris, management of dangerous materials (PCB, asbestos, lead), biological treatment of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and collection of all debris and contaminated soil that could not be treated in the south for final disposal. Englobe also had to rebuild approximately 12 km of abandoned roadways and run a work camp on each island for the duration of the project, which was completed in fall 2014.

Since the 2 islands were only accessible by helicopter or boat, Englobe built a landing strip to transport both workers and cargo

The Englobe Advantage

This project demonstrates the depth of Englobe's expertise and ability to complete large-scale projects in northern regions by offering solutions in logistics, camp management, site characterization and environmental remediation

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