Acoustics, Noise and Vibration

Whether you’re looking to limit noise and vibrations or improve building acoustics, the Englobe team has the experience and expertise to meet your needs with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

We’ve specialized in acoustics, noise, and vibration for over 25 years. Our trained experts have experience in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional settings.

Our specialists are available throughout Quebec as well as in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Maritimes.

Architectural acoustics

Room acoustics

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Acoustics optimization through control of reverberation time and intelligibility:

  • Measurement of existing room acoustics (reverberation time and intelligibility);
  • Modeling with specialized acoustics software to predict reverberation time and intelligibility;
  • Development to acoustic treatment plans to achieve targeted reverberation times and intelligibility.

Noise insulation (soundproofing)

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Reduction of noise transmission within buildings to ensure confidentiality:

  • Measurement of apparent sound transmission class (ASTC), apparent impact insulation class (AIIC), and the confidentiality of conversations;
  • Performance modeling of noise insulation (soundproofing) materials for walls to predict their effectiveness;
  • Development of wall, window, and floor/ceiling configurations for achieving noise insulation (soundproofing) and confidentiality targets.

Building mechanics

Acoustique C







Noise and vibration control for building mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing) we:

  • Measurement of noise and vibration from building mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing);
  • Modeling and prediction of mechanical equipment noise using methods recommended by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE);
  • Size calculations for silencers, linings, springs, and/or antivibration mountings required to reach your noise targets.

Acoustics compliance

Acoustique D







Acoustics compliance for homes near roads and railways:

  • Measurement of existing background noise at the site;
  • Predictive modeling of road noise over a ten-year period;
  • Acoustics compliance assessment and drafting of mitigation measures, as required (composition of building façade, size of noise barriers, etc.).

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Environmental acoustics

Worksite noise

Acoustique I







Worksite noise and vibration management:

  • Measurement of residual noise before work starts;
  • Modeling and prediction of noise and vibration levels at each stage of the project;
  • Development of noise and vibration management plans, including a control plan and noise and vibration monitoring plan;
  • Suggestions for mitigation measures, if necessary, to comply with legal or specified noise limits.

Pits and quarries

Acoustique E










Noise control for pits and quarries, in accordance with the Regulation respecting pits and quarries (Chapter Q-2, r. 7.1), we:

  • Measurement of residual noise in the absence of industrial activity;
  • Mapping of noise emitted from the pit or quarry;
  • Verification of site regulatory compliance;
  • Modeling and prediction of noise levels generated by the pit or quarry;
  • Development of mitigation measures, if required (noise barriers, process adjustments, etc).

Traffic noise

Acoustique F







Highway and railway noise control.

  • Measurement of existing background noise levels at the site.
  • Creation of a TNM (traffic noise model) to predict noise levels over a ten-year period.
  • Acoustic compliance assessment and noise barrier design for residential areas, if required, in accordance with
  • Quebec’s road noise policy (Politique sur le bruit routier, ISBN 2-550-32740-3, March 1998.) or any other existing regulation.

Industrial noise

Acoustique G







Impact studies (authorization certificate applications, etc.) and noise control for various industries:

  • Implementation of Note d’instructions 98-01 – Traitement des plaintes sur le bruit et exigences aux entreprises qui le génèrent dated June 5, 2006, for Quebec;
  • Implementation of NPC-300: Environmental Noise Guideline – Stationary and Transportation Sources – Approval and Planning for Ontario;
  • Measurement of residual noise levels in the absence of industrial activity;
  • Measurement of noise levels with industrial activity;
  • Verification of site compliance with current regulations;
  • Modeling and predicting of noise levels generated by industrial activity;
    Development mitigation measures, if required (silencers, machine housings, process modifications, noise barriers).

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Health and safety

Noise in the workplace

Acoustique H







Industrial noise control and protection of workers’ hearing.

  • Workplace noise and exposure mapping.
  • Modeling and predicting noise levels from a variety of sources.
  • Development of mitigation measures, if necessary, to comply with regulations and protect workers.

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Other areas of expertise

Our expertise in acoustics and vibration goes well beyond the areas listed above. Contact us today if you have questions or specific needs.

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