Bathymetry & Hydrology

Englobe offers precision and state-of-the-art bathymetic surveys services. Our equipment includes a range of single or multi-beam echo sounders combined to inertia platforms, inertial navigation systems, and high precision GPS. For more than ten years, our team of professionals and technicians specialized in hydrography performed several major projects in this field. Englobe’s know-how ensures the client an approach tailored to the type of project regardless of the environment. Thus whether it is for existing facilities, dredging projects, navigational aid projects or surveys as part of engineering works, our firm’s expertise ensures the client a complete integration and optimisation of the surveys according to the environmental constraints of the environment. Moreover, the bathymetric surveys carried out by Englobe are subject to a strict quality follow-up and control process ensuring client’s deliverables complying and even surpassing international hydrographic standards.

Englobe also has a strong expertise in the production of digital terrain models as well as bathymetric charts and plans. Its team composed of experienced geomaticians, cartographers and draftspersons provides quality products meeting our clients’ expectations and wishes. The whole process – from bathymetric surveys to deliverables production – is standardized to ensure an optimal quality and meet the strictest requirements and standards. Englobe’s hydrography team values the quality of deliverables to the client’s satisfaction.

Our services

  • High precision bathymetric surveys with single or multi-beam echo sounders in lacustrian, fluvial or marine environments
  • Volume measurement for dredging or construction works in aquatic environment
  • Existing subaquatic structures surveys
  • Geomorphological assessment and coastline evolution
  • Characterization of the superficial layer, and lacustrian and marine sediments thickness using sub-surface acoustic profilers
  • Acoustic characterization of the sediments by analysing the backscatter signal

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