Due Diligence Building Inspections

Englobe has been executing due diligence inspections of various buildings for a number of years, and so many large property managers and owners entrust inspections to Englobe. Our multidisciplinary team has the skills, training and experience needed to inspect the following elements of any type of building:

  • Mechanical and electrical
  • Structure
  • Building envelope
  • Health and safety
  • Fire protection
  • Vertical transport
  • Exterior landscaping
  • Ground-level, interior and multi-level parking
  • Equipment and furniture
  • Interior construction

Our Services

  • Evaluate the state of a building pre-purchase
  • Evaluate the state of a building to obtain financing
  • Evaluate the state of building components, their useful life and costs to replace or maintain them
  • Real estate investment company transactions
  • Evaluate the state of a building during transfer of ownership

Our services represent a safe investment that can be very worthwhile for clients before purchase, financing or transfer of ownership.

Contact information

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