Environmental Engineering

In terms of environment, our planet faces real challenges for the future, such as climate changes, pollution, human population growth and biodiversity loss. Not only the environmental issues are diverse but always more and more complex.

Englobe, keen to minimize the negative effects of the projects in which it is involved, wishes to offer its clients an engineering service related to the industry’s activities. Indeed a team composed of experienced engineers and technicians may answer our clients’ needs from the project definition to its implementation. This multidisciplinary team evaluates the environmental concerns, finds solutions and analyses their effects on the environment.

The added value of this service lies essentially in the integration of the engineering services to the environment-related services in a context where the society is always on the lookout for impacts of interventions on the environment.

With this service, we wish to offer integrated, practical for environmental reasons, state-of-the-art, creative and sustainable solutions to optimize the investments and minimize environmental impacts.

Our Services

  • Natural environment development (wildlife and aquatic)
  • Development in urban environment
  • Hydrology, hydraulics and dredging
  • Water management
  • Riprap
  • Construction and refurbishment of municipal or transport facilities
  • Earthworks
  • Residual waste management

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