Hydrogeological Services

Hydrogeology is the science that deals with the occurrence, movement, and transport of water beneath the Earth’s surface and, as such, perfectly complements the geotechnical and environmental services provided by Englobe. Hydrogeology studies are routinely conducted as part of development applications to assist in identifying the relationship between groundwater and natural environmental features, and to assist in the determination of potential constraints to construction. Developments proposed with private water supply and sewage disposal services require hydrogeology studies to ensure that no unacceptable impacts occur to the groundwater resource, and that a sufficient quantity of good quality potable water is available.

Our services

  • Site Investigation Services
    • Hydrogeological Drilling supervision
    • Interpretation of borehole geophysics to delineate aquifers
    • Geological logging of drill cuttings and core samples
    • Installation and monitoring of down-hole instrumentation such as level loggers
    • In-situ testing using pneumatic packers
    • Hydraulic pumping tests (long term and short term)
    • Field Percolation tests
  • Permitting
    • Permit to Take Water Applications
  • Ground Water Resource Evaluation
    • Aquifer evaluation and interpretation of test data
    • Dewatering well design, installation and optimization
    • Yield predictions and pumping impact analysis
    • Rehabilitation of existing wells
    • Design of local, regional ground water resource management plans
  • Numerical Modeling Services
    • Ground water flow and contaminant transport simulations
    • Predictive simulations for assessment of remedial strategies
    • Geochemical source term and reactive transport studies
    • Design of sampling and monitoring networks
    • Development of environmental decommissioning strategies


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