Hygiene, Health & Safety

Englobe has been active in hygiene and occupational health & safety for over 25 years. Our company provides its clients with a wide range of integrated services of workers health & safety protection as well as asbestos, designated substances and mould management. Englobe may also offer coaching services or enhancement of your organizational health and safety performance.

Whether it is for anticipating, recognizing, evaluating or controling the environmental factors present in your workplace that may cause illness, inability or a welfare loss, Englobe’s team has the experience to guide and assist its clients through the provision of innovative and economically viable solutions.

Our experts possess a unique combination of education and experience within numerous industrial, commercial and institutional areas. Englobe is proud to have in its ranks a multidisciplinary team of certified industrial hygienists (CIH), advisors, engineers and technicians experienced and competent. Our objective is to ensure a healthy and safe environment for workers and building occupants.

Our Services

  • Characterization and inventory of materials containing asbestos, designated substances (lead, mercury, PCBs, beryllium) and mould
  • Preparation of asbestos register, programs and procedures
  • Drafting of plans and specifications as per the National Master Specification (NMS)
  • Fibre counting (243-1 method of the IRSST)
  • Evaluation prevention and mitigation of radon in buildings (AARST/NRPP)
  • Exposure assessment¬†(noise, dust, gas, vapours)
  • Acoustics (industrial and environmental noise, soundproofing, dosimetry)
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Design of local exhaust ventilation systems
  • Industrial emissions assessment (atmospheric dispersion modeling)
  • Assessment of thermal stress
  • Health & Safety monitoring and management
  • Training (e.g.: asbestos, confined spaces, respiratory protection, gas detection, working at height, WHMIS, etc.)

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