Materials Quality Control

Englobe is known for its expertise in quality control of soil and aggregates, cement concrete and asphalt, and for supervising their application. Our staff is involved in numerous projects to build and refurbish buildings, bridges, overpasses and dams, power plants and elevated structures, and our experts are often asked to oversee the selection of the materials required, including the preparation of mix formulas and their onsite optimization.

Englobe has approximately 30 laboratories with specialized equipment located across Canada. Our accredited staff members are qualified to carry out compliance testing, and Englobe’s certifications (ISO 9001, ISO/CEI 17025, CCIL, etc.) are proof of our commitment.

Our Services

  • On-site and in-laboratory tests
  • Condition assessments and evaluation of infrastructure
  • Technical consultations and assistance
  • In-plant audits of suppliers’ pre-fabricated concrete element manufacturing processes
  • Specific research projects within the industry
  • Expertise in swelling associated with pyrite
  • Construction supervision
  • QC (materials and installation)
  • Plant checks of asphalt production facilities
  • Evaluations of quarry and pit potential
  • Certification and audits of concrete manufacturing facilities
  • Road profile surveys
  • Ground surveys
  • Preparation of drawings and specifications

Contact information

1 866 981-0191

1 800 647-8947

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