Social Acceptability

At Englobe, our dedicated and experienced multidisciplinary team enables us to assist our clients in addressing the challenges facing them in terms of social acceptability and integration of its projects by providing a variety of services and a comprehensive business approach.

Applying our expertise upstream of the client’s interventions, we can analyze the social risks according to the project and the setting, thus fostering a preventive approach to dealing with issues and situations. This ability to anticipate allows us to be proactive and maintain a rigorous, open and transparent presence on the ground, which creates a conducive environment for establishing ties of trust, which are so necessary for ensuring progress on projects. Englobe therefore relies on approaches and tools with a range of application that extends far beyond simple and conventional communication, information and consultation activities.

Our services

  • Characterization of human environments
  • Perception and sensitivity studies and social risk analysis of projects (diagnostics)
  • Preparation of work plans, strategic advice and coaching for decision makers and teams
  • Organization, management and hosting of events, meetings, information and consultation sessions
  • Communication plans and preparation of communications materials (public presentations, press releases, articles, etc.)
  • Preparation for and accompaniment at hearings (e.g.: BAPE)
  • Drafting of briefs
  • Community relations, including on-the-ground negotiations
  • Government, public and media relations
  • Internal team training
  • Conception¬†of sustainable development policies, action plans and tools for various types or organizational structures
  • Support during the implementation of sustainable development through the current operations of an organization, or for specific projects

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