Tank and Line Tests

Tank and Conduit Inspection

The Vacutect non-volumetric tank inspection system designed and patented by Tanknology is the major inspection method for underground tanks in the world and has been used successfully to inspect over a million underground tanks throughout the world. Product conduits are inspected using our high-precision TLD 1 inspection technology.

VACUTECT technology provides the best information on leaks, determining not just whether a leak exists but its nature and location. Note that tanks can be inspected if the fuel level is between 5% and 95%. VACUTECT technology also lets technicians experiment on a leaking tank by modifying the pressure and other variables to validate the presence of a leak and provide sage advice on possible investigation methods.

We use this method as part of our efforts to increase the use of sustainable development practices in industry because it helps to reduce fuel losses from leaks. VACUTECT has been used around the world to inspect over one million tanks. This technology has shown itself to be supremely accurate and reliable in detecting leaks.

Our Services

  • High-precision inspection of conduits using our TLD1 technology
  • Inspection of tanks using our patented VACUTECT inspection system.

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