Powerlines and Substations

For the past 50 years, Englobe’s staff has been managing clients’ interests with respect to construction in the energy generation and transmission sector. Our experienced, certified technicians and engineers ensure that contract requirements are met in the interest of our clients.

We have participated in a multitude of projects: installation or replacement of low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical devices and equipment, replacement of mechanical equipment such as compressed air systems, building rehabilitation or construction (masonry, roofs, etc.), and other sorts of civil engineering projects. Our staff has also been part of a number of construction or rehabilitation projects for energy transmission lines, including clearing land, building foundations, erecting transmission structures or verifying the installation of conductors. We can also provide qualified, experienced supervisors for projects of all scopes.

Our Services

  • Supervise work
  • Monitor progress and approve requests for payment
  • Monitor contract riders and cost control
  • Prepare, adapt and apply a work supervision plan
  • Issue lists of deficiencies
  • Verify use of the contractor’s work methods
  • Prime contractor responsible for monitoring that safety rules are followed on the job
  • Supervise whether environmental standards are followed when the work is carried out
  • Monitor commissioning tests and review reports
  • Validate the acceptability of the contractor’s quality, technical and administrative documents
  • Help to enforce and interpret contract documents (plans and specifications) and engineering department directives
  • Verify and validate annotations to “as-built” plans during the project
  • Supervise and coordinate material provided by the client
  • Draft daily reports and highlights of site activities

Contact information

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