Species at Risk work helps the environment

July 23, 2021

Englobe has conducted Species at Risk (SAR) surveys across the country, including a variety of remote and northern regions. These surveys can be requested for a variety of reasons – including creating biological inventories for environmental impact assessments and ensuring compliance with provincial and federal Species at Risk regulations. Michaela Haring, M.Sc., P.Bio. is a […]


Englobe takes health and safety to heart: how to stay cool when the temperature rises

July 21, 2021

Earlier this month, we shared our first Health & Safety tip from Bruce Baird, Vice President, Expertise for Englobe’s Atlantic Canada team. Today, we continue imparting some of that summer wisdom for those working outdoors in the hot sun. Signs of heat stress Whether working inside or outside during the hot summer months, it is […]


Englobe takes Health and Safety to heart

July 6, 2021

Englobe takes pride in implementing various initiatives to ensure employees can enjoy a healthy and safe work environment, and sometimes the simplest measures can be the most effective. A prime example of this is our Atlantic team’s Weekly Health & Safety Tip. Each week, Bruce Baird, Vice President, Expertise shares a safety tip with the […]


Collaboration with First Nations Peoples in our northern projects

June 30, 2021

Englobe has been working with northern Indigenous communities for over 30 years. Whether it is through our expertise in the maintenance and construction of new , or through our achievements in environmental remediation, Englobe works closely with Indigenous people in the realization of these northern projects. By developing  meaningful partnerships with Indigenous organizations and maximizing […]


Promote inclusivity by using the right pronoun!

June 28, 2021

At Englobe, we’re proud to call ourselves a family. To us, this means respecting, encouraging, and celebrating one another, no matter our differences.     Like other companies and citizens, we’re learning as we go. We believe it’s important to take all the right steps and measures to make sure everyone in our Englobe family feels welcomed, loved, […]


Canadian Multiculturalism Day: Strength in Diversity

June 25, 2021

My Great Grandfather emigrated from Northern India to East Africa in 1896. Growing up in Kenya as a third generation Kenyan was an incredible experience in that not only was the country an equatorial paradise, but the country had also just received independence from British colonial rule shortly after I was born. All prospects for […]


Englobe marks National Indigenous Peoples Day by sharing a story of courage and perseverance

June 21, 2021

Alex O’Bomsawin-Descôteaux, Agronomist and Technical Advisor, Organic Waste Management at Englobe, is a member of the Abenaki First Nation and grew up on the Odanak reserve in Central Quebec. On this National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, he shares a personal story that sheds light on Indigenous culture to help us better understand it. “I am pleased […]


Englobe completes remediation project in Canada’s High Arctic

June 15, 2021

A team of Englobe Environment specialists, in collaboration with Sila Remediation, just completed a clean-up project for its client, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Development Canada (CIRNAC), in one of the world’s most remote and unforgiving locations: Canada’s High Arctic.    The project called for the removal of hundreds of 425-pound fuel drums as well as other […]


Study, sight and sound: How Englobe’s experts evaluate and diagnose degradation in reinforced concrete structures

June 9, 2021

Stéphanie Blanchard, Englobe’s Technical Director, Soil and Materials Engineering in Quebec, provides an overview of innovation when it comes to the investigation of reinforced concrete structures – just one aspect of the vast expertise her team offers customers, both in the public and private sector.  As many reinforced concrete structures in the province are aging […]


From ‘moonrocks’ to honeypots: Englobe’s sustainability venture at Jeffrey Mine

June 8, 2021

Olivier Sylvestre, Regional Director, Soil and Biomass Processing Centres for the Eastern Townships of Québec, talks about the Jeffrey Mine revegetation project, a former asbestos mine located in the town of Val des Sources (formerly known as Asbestos). The project, which began in 2004, is still underway today. “The mine site resembled the surface of […]


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