Ray Jambakhsh – Executive of the Year

September 16, 2020

This year’s recipient of the Executive of the Year award presented by the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce was Englobe’s Ray Jambakhsh, P.Eng.

Ray has been a valued member of the DST Consulting Engineers, a division of Englobe, team since 2004, acting as a leader and mentor to the Sudbury team, a member of the Senior Leader Team, and also contributing for a time on the Board of Directors. His experience in the field of blast engineering has propelled him into the role of technical expert, consulting on specialized demolition and explosive projects across Canada.

The foundation of Ray’s legacy is built on more than his engineering expertise – it is his humble nature, honest leadership, and sincere contributions to the community that make him worthy of this award.

Contributing Member of the Community

Born and raised in Iran, today Ray has deep roots in northern Ontario and is a proud member of the Sudbury community, a place he and his family have called home for over 35 years. According to Ray, “building one of the best places to work where staff can achieve their professional, financial and social goals has been my life’s work in many ways.”

Ray has championed corporate responsibility, philanthropy and volunteerism and has encouraged the Sudbury team to make time to give back by supporting local not-for-profit groups, charities and educational institutions.

Leader, Mentor, Engineering Professional – Level, Expert.

From mentoring and educating staff to contributing research to advance the field of blast engineering, Ray has never stopped learning. He credits the great success in his career to never taking for granted the opportunity to learn something new.

This honour is something Ray shares with all his DST and Englobe colleagues, industry contacts, family and friends who have supported him over the years: “Very few things in life are entirely the work of just one person, and this award – which encompasses my leadership journey and growth as a business executive and professional engineer  – is no exception. I want to once again thank all of you for your support, your congratulations, and your ongoing efforts to lead with respect, gratitude, and integrity, in business, and in all that you do.”

Ray’s accomplishment was broadcast through CTV Northern Ontario and can be watched here on online here

Interested in seeing Ray’s technical blast engineering expertise in action? Here are two featured videos of explosive toppling projects where Ray was the lead blast engineer. But, as Ray would say, he was only one part of a much larger team and everyone collaborating made the projects a success.







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