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February 11, 2021

February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a day established by the United Nations to help further achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.  

The day acts as an important reminder of the accomplishments of women and girls in science but, also that women are still underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers. ​ 

Englobe is proud to add to the global conversation promoting full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls and to celebrate our talented team of women! Which is always growing. 

Introducing a few Englobe women who charted their own course and pursued their passions in science and engineering. 

Jessica Hernandez, M.Sc., P.Eng. Chief pavement problem solver. Reputation for delivering sound solutions, one project at a time. 

Title: Senior Director of Operations, Geotechnical and Materials, Toronto, Ontario.  

Specialties: Pavement and Geotechnical Engineering 

Jessica is a senior engineer with a well-established reputation in the industry for being a ‘go to’ for the most vexing pavement and geotechnical problemsWith 22 years of project experience and industry knowledge, you will find Jessica’s name included as the senior technical advisors for some of the largest infrastructure projects in Canada. Her technical expertise, sound leadership, and extremely high care for client needs has earned her a well-deserved seat with Englobe’s Ontario Senior Leadership Team. 

Lindsay Freckleton, M.Sc., P.Eng. Materials Engineer level, expert.

Title: Senior Materials Engineer, Director – Operations, Calgary, Alberta.  

Specialties: Geotechnical, Materials and Soil Engineering. 

Outside of her family, some might say that Lindsay’s first love was concrete: concrete was the focus of her master’s research and it was the first major focus area in her professional career. For Lindsay, Concrete forensic investigation is a much-loved work activity and over time she has grown to love training and mentoring summer students and junior staff. 

Natacha Sénéchal, ing. f., The ‘Spark’ that ignites a project and moves it in the right direction 

Title : Regional DirectorBaie-Comeau, Quebec. 

Specialties: Regional developmentForestryEnvironment 

Natacha is a forest engineer by trade with a deep passion for the environment, regional development, and enriching the human experienceThrough work experiences in GabonAfrica and the James Bay region of Canada, Natascha learned the importance of genuine collaboration with local Indigenous partners. This lesson continues to resonate in her work today as she focuses on creating meaningful client relationships and positive project outcomes. 

Katie Dennis, B.Sc. Working to regenerate the soil and remediate the planet, one contaminated site at a time.

Title: Regional Operations Manager, Engineering – South West, United Kingdom (UK)

Specialties:  Contaminated Site Remediation

Katie is a contaminated sites superstar. During her lengthy career in the remediation industry, she has gained knowledge and experience in many aspects of dealing with contaminated land including site investigation, remediation techniques and technologies, engineering and geotechnical aspects, and groundwater pollution and remediation. Managing a diverse team of engineers, scientists and geologists, she acts as an important leader and mentor helping to develop internal capabilities. She has turned her passion for science into a successful career helping to restore, reclaim, and remediate large-scale contaminated sites across the UK.

Adriana Terán, P.Eng.Engineering expertise delivered with a smile.  

Title: Transportation Engineer, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  

Specialties: Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Design and Planning. 

Adriana is a community focused engineer with a passion for the design and management of a variety of traffic engineering projects. She has a strong background of knowledge in traffic signal and roadway design, traffic control plans, speed zone studies, thoroughfare mobility analysis, traffic impact analysis, capacity operations studies, and corridor and regional mobility studies gained from experience in the US and Canada. Known by colleagues and clients for her exceptional communication skills and fun-loving personality, Adriana brings meticulous project management skills and an element of fun to every assignment 

Amaël Apocale, RPE. Transforms challenges into successes with thoughtful solutions.  

Title: Head of Studies, Echarcon, France  

Specialties: contaminated sites, soil rehabilitation 

Amaël is soil rehabilitation expert who thrives when confronted with problems and unforeseen challenges. Working on some complex and large-scale decontamination projects in France, she has made a positive mark on the environment and in an industry that continues to be male dominatedConsidering herself lucky to have joined a company that promotes inclusion and diversityAmaël has had an impressive career path, moving from Technician to Project manager to Head of the Studies department, a position she takes incredibly seriouslyToday, she looks back and is very proud of her personal accomplishments and is happy to see many new opportunities for women in the decontamination field! 

Michaela Haring, P.Bio. Eternal optimist.  Leaves no leaf unturned, no nest unidentified. 

Title: Biologist, Sudbury, Ontario.

Specialties: Species At Risk Mitigation and Surveys, Wildlife Studies

Michaela is a professional biologist with experience collaborating on environmental projects across Canada. When not at home with her family, you can find Michaela in the field conducting wildlife studies for various projects including breeding bird surveys, avian point counts, fish habitat and population assessments, baseline studies, and Species at Risk (SAR) surveys. The only thing more impressive than her biological understanding of wildlife, especially Species At Risk in Canada, is her always positive and sunny personality.

Learn about Michaela’s role in creating Habitat for At Risk Barn Swallows.

Gloria Hsu, CET., Calm and calculated. Design captain focused on the end goal. 

Title: Project Manager, Mechanical Engineering. Edmonton, Alberta.

Specialties: Mechanical design.  

Gloria contributes to Arrow a Division of Englobe’s Mechanical team. As a Certified Environmental Technician, she leans into her technical expertise in Mechanical systems design to create efficient, sustainable solutions for our clients. With over 30 years of experience in Mechanical design and a focus on HVAC, Gloria works shoulder to shoulder with Mechanical designers and technologists to translate client requirements into the final design. Gloria enjoys the opportunity to delve into a wide array of facilities with the end goal always being user satisfaction. 

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